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Chili Oil

When we started Gashora Farm back in 2015, we had only one aim: we wanted to make the most out of chili. Ever since, we have developed different products among which our mild and hot chili oils containing olive oil, habanero chili, Dandicut chilli, Ginger and Garlic. This product comes in a bottle of 100ml 

Chili Sauce

 Our chili is a sweet with a a mild heat level and sour flavor. It’s made of Paprika and habanero chili and comes in a bottle of 250 g. 

Chili Paste

For those who like their food with hot spices , we have developed the chili paste made only of habanero chili. The products is mainly exported to China but can ordered in any quantity because we ship worldwide. 

Dried Chili

Some manufacturing clients wants to include our high quality chili in their manufacturing processes to give the best to their consumers. That’s why we have made it possible for them to directly purchases dried chili in larges quantities that we sort and grade as per their request to provide quality spices to their final consumers.