About Us

Who we are , what we do and why

Who We Are

Gashora Farm PLC (GFP) is a rwandan agribusiness dedicated to the production of chilli and the rest of its value chain . The company has contracts with approximately 10,000 outgrowers (farmers) on approximately 2000 hectares in total. GFP own 255 hectares in Bugesera, managed by the company and acts as a back up and a model farm for its outgrowers. The company caters to both local and international (I.e Export) markets, with strong emphasis on the latter.

Chilli grown by GFP and its outgrowers include:

  1. Fresh Chilli- Fresh bird eye and Habanero chilli
  2. Dry Hybrid- Teja and Sarpan Dandicut-2

Our Mission

Behind the scene, there is a chain of passionate individuals working towards a mission: supplying chili straight from the amazing hills of Rwanda to everyone on earth regardless of your location and empowering farmers by securing their access to market, enhancing their livelihood and their working conditions.

Our Vision

To be the region’s leading producer and exporter of highest quality chili products while equitably improving the livelihoods of rural communities all along the value chain.

Our Company Goals

  • Increase our production capacity to over 100 000 tonnes yearly  
  • To ensure an inclusive growth by increasing the livelihood of chili farmers in the East African Region
  • Forster gender inclusivity by empowering women on the value chain  
  • Motivates more youth to venture into farming

Meet Our Founder & Managing Director

Dieudonné Twahirwa  is an agronomist who ventured in Chili farming and is the founder of Gashora Farm PLC. Prior to starting this venture, he had a brief stint at Horizon Sopyrwa in 2013, where he realized he had more passion for farming and chose to quit to pursue his dream. He started growing different horticultural produces before eventually venturing into Chili farming as he realized that there was an important gap on the global market. Due to limiting production capacity, he works with more than 10 000 farmers who he buys Chili from for export and Chili Processing. Born in 1988, he has a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness from the University of Rwanda and a Post-Graduate diploma in Entrepreneurship from Regent University (USA). He has served as the Vice chairman of Rwanda Youth in Agribusiness forum (RYAF) and is the current Chairman of the Agriculture and Livestock Cluster in the Private Sector Federation of Rwanda (PSF). Apart from exporting the Chili to International markets such as UK, India and Belgium, GASHORA FARM reduces loss by processing the 2nd grade Chili not fit for export into Chili Oil, Chili Paste and Chili Sauce (Paprika and Pineapple flavors). The product, Didi’s Chili Oil, is sold in both Local and International Market including, Switzerland, UK, USA, Kenya and Hungary. He secured 2000 hectares in Zimbabwe to expand the business operations beyond Rwanda and is relentlessly working to reduce the gap on the chili market and provide decent working conditions for the thousands of farmers on the chili value chain .